Banana Nut Cheerios, y'all

I had an IM conversation with fellow blogger, Megan, today that went a little something (or exactly) like this:


Megan: of boredom?
me: What are you doing?
I am about to write a post about Banana Nut Cheerios
Unless you stop me
Megan: ...
what are banana nut cheerios???
me: OMG
Maybe I SHOULD post about them!
Megan: hahahahah
me: because everyone should have the opportunity to know Banana Nut Cheerios
Megan: hahaha
me: Okay, I have to meet the van now and go to lunch. But when I return, Banana Nut Cheerios 101.

So here we are. And I know you are just dying to know about the banana nutty goodness that is Banana Nut Cheerios, aka SUSTENANCE FOR LIIIIIIFE.

I saw this commercial on Sunday whilst lounging about my mother's house post-sister's-rockin'-bridal-shower (thrown by yours truly) for Banana Nut Cheerios. I should tell you now that I am a sucker for banana nut anything; I would eat banana nut poop and probably tell you how amazing it was. So naturally I came home and wouldn't shut up about the Banana Nut Cheerios until Zack agreed to buy some for me. Our conversation went something like this:

Austin: Did I tell you about the Banana Nut Cheerios I saw on TV?
Zack: [trying to study for upcoming finals] Only about four times.
Austin: do you feel about a trip to the store?
Zack: You can go if you want.
Austin: Um. But I don't want to go by myself. I want you to go WITH me to the store to get my cereal.
Zack: If you want to wait...
Austin: But honeyyyyyy...I need it nowwww.

After this basic conversation is repeated about six more times:

Austin: So, about those Banana Nut Cheerios...
Austin: Thanks, baby! You're always looking out for me!

And that is how Banana Nut Cheerios came to be in my mouth. Where they will live a long and happy life. Forever. With me, in my mouth. Because they are delicious (and only 100 calories per serving!). And no, Cheerios is not paying me for this shameless endorsement of their newest product (though clearly they should).

Now go forth and try Banana Nut Cheerios because they will change your life. Or inspire your spouse to kill you.

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  1. Megan says:

    banana nut poop. nice. hahahahhahaah.

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