Life List, Bucket List, Whatever You Want to Call It

I've decided that I need to be more positive about my life.

Between working a job that one wouldn't call exciting and being (for all intents and purposes) broke, the downward spiral into a boredom-induced stupor has been swift. I whine. I fuss. I watch a lot of TV. And since I can't seem to get serious about doing any one thing, I decided to write down all the things I feel would make my life better. I included things I can do within the confines of my every day life as well as things that require a little more courage and financial planning. Stuff to learn, stuff to make, places to see, items to acquire, etc. etc.

Now, compiling my life list didn't do anything earth-shattering for me. I haven't found Jesus or made a medical discovery. But it makes me happy to look at it and think that someday I really will do this stuff. So, hooray!

Here's my list. I'd love to see what other people put on their life lists, so please do share.

My List:

Take a dance class

Go on an Irish pub crawl (in Ireland)

Send my mom on a long vacation

Have a tire swing

Visit every continent

Commit to some type of volunteer work long-term

Write every day

Take a road trip from one U.S. coast to the other

Donate a significant amount of money to a cause I am passionate about

Set up a scholarship for a person paying their own way through college

Work on my relationship with my brother

Get to know my mom's side of the family

Own a home on the Mississippi River

Be politically informed

Adopt senior dogs and cats and give them a loving home

Raise a newborn puppy or kitten that's been orphaned

Teach my kids to perform random acts of kindness

Perform random acts of kindness myself

Join a volleyball team

Be less judgmental

Keep my house clean for more than two days at a time

Throw away/Donate stuff I don't use (clear out the clutter)

Send hand-written letters to people

Maintain a consistent exercise regimen

Be able to sing on-key in front of an audience

Take guitar lessons

Take piano lessons

Live as a vegan for a month

See all 50 states legalize gay marriage

Be a patient and level-headed mother

Learn how to sew

Have a successful vegetable & herb garden

Learn my way around a new place within two weeks of moving there

Be excited about something in my life every day

Spend a month touring wineries in Napa Valley

Visit Charlottesville again one day

Be more involved in the lives of my half-siblings

Perform grand loving gestures

Be considered an expert at something

Spend an entire year traveling

Learn Spanish

Help solve a crime

Go kayaking

Tour as many Chicago Blues bars as possible

Go whitewater rafting

Visit the elephant sanctuary in Kenya

Run a marathon

Get a whole-body spa treatment

Go away on a girls-only vacation

Go on a long, romantic vacation with my husband

Create a book list and complete it

Live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle

Explore as many neighborhoods in Chicago as I [safely] can

Make someone a crafty and creative gift

Get published somewhere other than my own blog(s)

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