Behold My Glorious List! Or, A Stunning Display of Austin's A.D.D.(Again)

My mind is whizzing all over the place! So here's a list of what's been going on.

1. Zack's birthday was Saturday. Since I wanted to get going with that whole grand loving gesture business, I decided (months and months and MONTHS ago) to give him 25 gifts for being a quarter-century old. He had noooooo idea what I had in store for him and was pretty shocked at the giant stack of presents awaiting him on the morning of his birthday. Photos forthcoming of my aesthetic gift masterpiece as soon as I locate my camera cord hooky-uppy thingamajig. I also baked him a cheesecake, which I of course forgot to photograph. It was good! Was impressed with mah kitchen skillz. That is, until I attempted to make pesto from scratch but the handmade pasta did not cooperate and instead everything turned into a big mushy disaster. Lucky for us we had a late lunch and so it was more show-dinner than necessary-dinner. We topped the evening off with a trip to Kingston Mines, Zack's "Most Favorite Ever, Only Blues Bar Worth Stepping Foot In" bar. Overall, I'd say the day was a raging success. Except for the part where we saw the movie Bruno. Um, yuck. I do not recommend.

2. We also saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this weekend. I RECOMMEND. I may have shed a tear or five. So. Good. And the theater wasn't even a quarter full so that was happy. I only had to give the stinkeye once to some girl who decided to start talking in a normal voice about what she thought of the previous scene during like, the most touching part of the film. People, wrangle your children! God, you'd think Harry Potter was like a kids' movie or something. Hmph!

3. I started Weight Watchers today. Um, I am sort of obsessed already. Which is good and bad I suppose. Good because it's taking my attention off mommy blogs and all the babies I can't have. And because I could stand to lose a bunch of weight. (They tell you on the WW website what your healthy weight range is based on your height and yeaaaaaah...I haven't seen those numbers on a scale in a couple years). Bad because...well...maybe it's not so bad after all. (see above)

4. I am also exercising each morning before work. That's right! I am dragging my lazy self from bed a whole 40 minutes early to power walk/climb stairs or to do calisthenics. I sort of hate doing anything exercise-y outside because I'm all red-faced huffing and puffing past the spandex-wearing, dewy Barbie doll who's lapping me (again). The gym is no better. But calisthenics? On my bedroom floor? LOVE! So I am switching it up and doing some of each.

5. My brother is coming to stay a week with me beginning Thursday! (!!!!) He's funny and we have a great time just hanging out together. I got him addicted to True Blood and have been saving all the episodes for him on my wonderful DVR, so I'm sure a little marathon of this season will be happening. There might also be some boozing involved, which is soooort of detrimental to my Weight Watchers goal but you know. BROTHER IN TOWN. This does not happen that often, so no judgment, k?

6. Sunburn update: Other than some strange and terrible tan lines, it's pretty much subsided into what is, for me, quite a nice tan. In related sunburn news, however, I upped my SPF from 15 to 30 in my daily face moisturizer (due to a severe, blistery sunburn on my face in high school I have to be extra super careful and this last sunburn was a little lobstery for my cancer-free comfort). I bought some Eucerin Sensitive Skin stuff that is unscented and so SMELLS LIKE SPF (OMG go figure!). And Zack whines about it every single time he gets a whiff. Which is apparently every time he's within two feet of me because this weekend was a constant stream of beach jokes at my expense. Sigh. $11 for moisturizer that makes your husband crinkle his nose is kind of a downer. Luckily! I can use it joke-free five days of the week because he's in Minneapolis. See? Silver lining to this summer separation. It's saved me 11 bucks so far.

Alright, I'm off to browse in wonder more Weight Watchers recipes. Really, so many sound delicious! Good food + Weight Loss = A Program I Can Get Behind.

2 Responses on "Behold My Glorious List! Or, A Stunning Display of Austin's A.D.D.(Again)"

  1. Meredith says:

    So you'll be sharing these WW recipes with your sister, yes? I'd love to have some yummy, not-awful-for-me things to cook without having to pay to be a member.

    Austin says:

    That depends; how often do you plan to bring Biggie to visit me? (Mwahaha I smell a bargaining chip!)

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