This is what adult A.D.D. looks like


My attention span is short, folks, but I don't want to leave you hanging just because we been lazy 'bout postin' since Friday. So enjoy this list of Things I Think You Should Know, starring me (!) (and occasionally some other crazy people).

Since Friday I have:

  • Tried a fabulous new recipe in the company of wonderful friends and lots of laughter.
  • Been really, deliciously happy to see my husband.
  • Toured awesome local architecture and a street art fair. Was sad I could afford neither condo nor work of art.
  • Saw "The Hangover" which...honestly...go see it. Just go.
  • Found out that oh mah gawd Old Navy is having the SALE OF MY LIFE. And took advantage.
  • Drank copious amounts of beer and ate seriously spicy corn on the cob at the Printers Row Lit Festival. Books + Beer + Friends + Corn on the Cob = Happiness. (as if you didn't already know that!)
  • Comforted a friend with sympathetic words, a little laughter, GOBS OF CHOCOLATE, and a good old fashioned stomach ache.
  • Turned my air conditioner on and snuggled into my down comforter with my puppy dog. Awww.
  • Discovered that there exists a feasible if complicated mathematical calculation that says we won't be drowning in educational debt until we qualify for Social Security, which, WHEW. We have been concerned about that for some time.
  • Helped my sister nail down some important song choices for her upcoming (Really Fast Upcoming, GEEZ) wedding. I would link to the song(s) but I think she might want that to remain confidential, bitchez.
As I'm sure you'll agree, I've had a pretty good (with the exception of a few rough moments) couple of days. Which does nothing to explain why I can't focus enough to write a real post. But I provided all those nice shiny links for you to click, so get busy. Huzzah!

Perhaps a real post tomorrow. If I feel like it. Or you know...not.

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